How To Fix Minecraft Windows 10 Won’T Open?

Minecraft is among the most widely played games to date. Being the most popular game, Minecraft rarely has any bugs or issues. And if something like “Minecraft Windows 10 Won’T Open?” occurs then there are ways to get it fixed.

In the complete playthrough, players experience a virtual world where they have to fight for their survival and get the mission done. You have to win against spiders, zombies, and monsters.

Gamers usually never face any issue regarding its launching, but sometimes things won’t go as expected.

Community forums are almost filled with one common issue: that their Minecraft not launching after pressing play even though they have the latest version available.

If this is happening to you then let me tell you first, you are not alone. After so many queries about why it’s happening, how to fix it, and many more, we are here with this guide to inform you of everything.

Best tips, hacks, and fixes to permanently kick this “Minecraft launcher won’t open.” error.

So, get yourself ready to uncover everything about why Minecraft windows 10 won’t open and ways to get it fixed. But before this here’s short and quick navigation of what we gonna cover-

Why Won’t Minecraft Load?

Well, probably this issue occurs when the game gets any new updates. As developers are bringing new updates via the official launcher regularly. Sometimes it’s been observed that after an update, gamers witness “Minecraft launching the game failed” every time they try to open it.

How To Fix Minecraft Windows 10 Won'T Open
Why Won’t Minecraft Load

In clear terms, if your Windows 10 will not fulfill the Minecraft system requirements then you will for sure have to face this issue. Moreover, you will also face this issue in case your graphics card driver is outdated.

Another most common reason is when you have installed too many mods then also there’s a very high chance that you will face this issue.

Now, you know why it’s happening and the next thing you must be looking for is all possible ways to fix this “Minecraft error unable to start game” issue.

So, here’s everything about-

How To Fix This Minecraft Issue?

We have listed out some most common and proven ways to fix this issue. Make sure you try them according to the way we listed them out. If the method fails then move to the next one.

Fix 1. Try Using Task Manager To Cease The Function Of Minecraft Game-

Well, if you guys are confronting any issue with Minecraft that your Minecraft launcher not showing up on screen then you need not worry, as we’ll be helping you throughout the process.

Another way of trying to tend to this issue would be manually ceasing the functions of the Minecraft game, and this can be attained through the task manager.

How To Fix Minecraft Windows 10 Won'T Open
How To Fix This Minecraft Issue

You all must be aware of the task manager. If not, thus, don’t bother and just follow the simple instructions given below:

Firstly, open task manager by right-clicking on the taskbar at the bottom and press the Task Manager option, or you could simply use the shortcut keys- left CTRL + L SHIFT + ESC.

As soon as the task manager opens, you’ll see that several processes are operating in the background that you are not aware of. Regardless, go through the list and search for the Minecraft game or Java.

As soon as you find either of the above, end that process by right-clicking on it and then pressing End Task.

This will manually end the Minecraft game from running in the background. After doing this, you could again start the game to check if the game’s issue has been solved or not.

If, in any case, you are still facing this problem, you could check out and try the solutions given below and check if they work out for you.

Fix 2. Try Getting The Recent Version Of The Display Card Drivers-

One of the other ways to tend to the issue “Minecraft native launcher error code 5” is as follows. What you could do is you could try updating the graphics driver. We all know how vital the graphic card is for your PC.

It has a key function in the computer for the smooth operation of the games and is accountable for the display of the system.

So, in case your games conform to such problems regarding the launch of the game not operating properly, or something similar, you could try updating the display card driver as this may be the sole reason for the error that is occurring.

These games are designed to be operated on the latest versions of the display card driver and won’t work if you’re using an older version on the computer. So, this driver can be updated through a driver updater.

This tool automatically checks if you’re using an older version and if it finds an older version, it will update the driver on its own and you wouldn’t have to worry about the same anymore.

We suggest you employ a potent updating tool such as Bit Driver. This tool is very powerful and has extremely user-friendly components. This tool to update drivers automatically will help you save a lot of time and you can get better game performance without any issue.

Fix 3. Open And Operate Minecraft Game In Compatibility Mode-

For many of you, unfortunately, previously given solutions might not have worked out. However, there are several more fixes, you need to try out before losing hope. Another fox is to open and run the Minecraft game in Compatibility mode.

This resolution will aid you in solving your issue if you have installed an older version of the Minecraft game like for Windows 8 and you are using the same on Windows 10.

So, if you are also following the same and facing the problem, you could try operating the game in Compatibility mode. This will aid you in utilizing the earlier settings and might solve the problem if the launcher won’t launch. Follow the instructions given below:

How To Fix Minecraft Windows 10 Won'T Open
Fix 3. Open And Operate Minecraft Game In Compatibility Mode-

Firstly, open the properties of the Minecraft game by right-clicking on the desktop icon which is located on the desktop screen.

The next step is to navigate to the Compatibility tab on the dialogue box that appears after opening properties and then tick in the tick box. It will be located just next to the option Run the process in Compatibility mode.

Now that you have found it, search for the Operating System in the dropdown list situated below the above choices.

For instance, select Windows 8 OS or Windows 7 OS as acceptable.

Finally, click the Apply button and then press the OK buttons in progression.

To check the result, if the fix has worked out for you or not, open the Minecraft game and check for the same. In case you’re still stuck with the problem, try the solution given below.

Fix 4. Discard The Minecraft Mods-

Well, even though there are several mods available for the Minecraft game online through which one could be able to alter the content in the game, these mods could bring problems along with other enhancements you get.

This could lead to problems such as the one you are facing right now that is your Minecraft Windows 10 stuck on the loading screen.

So, what’s the solution to this? The only way to get rid of this problem is to get rid of the mod itself initially. Open the Minecraft game without mods. As soon as you get rid of all the mods try opening the game once again and check if the issue is solved or not.

If still not able to get past the problem, you could try another fix that is mentioned below.

Fix 5. Remove And Install Minecraft Game Again

This might seem silly but it may work out for many of you. Try uninstalling the game completely and then install it again, as this might help you launch the game smoothly. Follow the given instructions carefully.

Go to Windows run by clicking the Windows + R button on your keyboard. In the search box type %AppData% and click on the search option.

Subsequently, press Enter on your keyboard or search as said earlier.

The previously given command will navigate to the Windows file explorer.

Fix 5. Remove And Install Minecraft Game Again
Fix 5. Remove And Install Minecraft Game Again

The next step is to right-click on the file that is named .minecraft which will be your game file and search for the option Delete and press it and erase all the data.

By doing so, you will successfully remove the game from your system.

Ultimately, navigate to the Minecraft launcher and install the entire Minecraft game again on your PC.

After this step, open the game and check if the issue has been cracked or not. The chances of the problem getting solved are high in this case as the program is completely new.

That all about Minecraft Windows 10 not working and its fixes, now do check out some common questions that usually gamers have regarding this-

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Do If Minecraft Won’T Open On Windows 10?

When your Minecraft is stuck all of a sudden and is not opening on your Windows then the first thing you should do is reopen your Minecraft removing the ongoing one from the background. If that doesn’t work then here are some other fixes-

  • Disable Discord Overlay
  • Update your graphics driver
  • Remove incompatible software
  • Disable Mods
  • Run Minecraft as administrator
  • Reinstall your Minecraft

How Do I Fix Minecraft Launcher Not Opening?

Many might not be knowing that Minecraft comes with a built-in repair tool that spots and fix any bug or issue. Sometimes there’s a need to fix the issue manually, but majorly Minecraft itself can handle it. Here’s what you have to do-

  • First, you have to press Windows Key + R, this will open Run
  • Now, just type control and press OK
  • In the Control Panel, click on Programs and then select the Programs and Features option
  • A menu will pop up, from this select Minecraft installation and then press the Repair/Change option
  • After this, just follow the on-screen instructions which eventually is for repairing the Minecraft launcher.

Why Is My Minecraft Windows 10 Not Working?

Most probably it’s because of your outdated Windows 10. A simple check can help you spot where’s the issue, to check this, just follow these steps-

  • First, open your Settings option.
  • Then select the Update & Security from the list.
  • Now, to check for any update, click on the Windows Update.
  • If there’s any available update, just click on the “Install now” option.

Why Isn’T My Minecraft Opening?

Sometimes it happens that Minecraft games after any update do not fulfill the Minecraft system requirements and cause this issue. Also, if your graphics card driver is outdated in your Minecraft Windows 10 Won’T Open? then there’s a high chance you will face this issue.

Final Words

Minecraft is among the most widely played games, which is a complete combination of excitement, thrill, and adventure. But sometimes it happens that your Minecraft Windows 10 Won’t Open? and get stuck.

We hope after this guide, you will never have this issue again. We have discussed almost everything about why this occurs and how to fix it?

Do let us know if we have missed out on anything, just drop your queries in the comments below.

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