Why Is My Apple Watch Dying So Fast: Causes, Problems And Ways To Fix It

Users have doubts regarding why is my apple watch dying so fast, it mainly occurs when there is major update in operating system and the batteries for all Apple products starting from iPhone to Apple watches drain very rapidly. In comparison with other smart watches, Apple watches possess short lifespan of battery.

People thinking why is my apple watch dying so fast, must know that the apple watch battery life provides 18 hours of moderate use. It requires regular charging.

All devices have their own settings and slight change in the settings can disrupt the proper functioning of the system. So, users need to constantly update the watch to keep pace with the modern operating system.

Reasons Why Apple Watch Battery Dying Fast

If users think why is my battery dying fast, they need to know the driving causes.

why is my apple watch dying so fast
why is my apple watch dying so fast
  • If the watch operating system is updated to the latest version, apple watch users face problem of rapid draining of battery as after update the battery life becomes very terrific.
  • The weather application that is installed in the apple watch causes huge battery drain as it demands excessive resources.
  • If multiple applications are allowed to run at the background consumes a lot of battery.
  • Connection alerts option present under settings are also responsible for too much battery drain of the apple watch.
  • Software glitches are the major factor to cause battery drainage rather than hardware issues.
  • Other factors like heavy apps, adds in un-optimized settings are the resultant of consuming enough battery of apple watch.
  • Unnecessary notifications activate the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth that consume huge battery.
  • Streaming music on apple watch can also cause loss of battery.

Features And Functionability Of Apple Watch

Before purchasing apple watch, it is necessary for the users to have a complete knowledge about the features and functionability of the watch.

  1. Apple watches provide message notifications and enables users to read the messages instantly.
  2. Records all fitness parameters like calories, duration of exercises.
  3. Monitors heart rate.
  4. People are warned about abnormal heart rates and also identify the causes.
  5. Provides scope for ECG readings and blood oxygen tracking.
  6. It can also display tickets and boarding passes.
  7. It can also able to make calls and receive messages.

Users’ having the apple watch want to know how much is a watch battery, as so many features are responsible for too much battery consumption. Previously, the price of apple watch battery was too high.

It was about Rs 6,500 excluding taxes. But in the modern scenario keeping in mind the rising demand of the apple watch, the battery price is about Rs 2000.

Apple Watches Battery Status

People must possess complete idea about the various criteria of apple watch battery.

Features and Functionability of Apple Watch
Features and Functionability of Apple Watch
  • Time to Charge- If users wonder about should I charge my apple watch every night, it depends on the users. If they find convenient to charge their watch overnight, there is no problem. The charging will automatically stop immediately when the battery is totally charged. Users can charge their watch at any time as per their requirements.
  • Duration of Charge- Users also want to know how long does apple watch take to charge. It mainly takes about 1.5hours to charge till 80% and nearly 2.5hours to charge till 100% with the help of magnetic charging cable.
  • Procedure to Charge Apple Watch- People having questions regarding how to charge apple watch 6, must consider the following process.
  • Users need to use original charger for maintaining adequate battery performance.
  • In order to charge the watch there is the need of the Apple Watch Magnetic charging cable.
  • The Apple Watch Magnetic charging cable must be inserted into the wall plug.
  • It is then plugged into a power outlet or it can be inserted into a laptop USB port.
  • The device charges more quickly while charging through power outlet.
  • The watch is placed on to the charging cable.
  • The watch now begin to charge and the battery charging icon will be displayed on the screen.
  • After the watch gets fully charged, the Full battery icon will be shown.
  • Ways to Check Apple Watch Battery Health- Users think how to find apple watch if dead. They should know the tricks to check the battery health from before.
  • To open the settings on the apple watch.
  • To scroll until users find the entry for Battery.
  • To tap on the Battery button and search for the option regarding Battery Health.
  • To tap on Battery Health.
  • Here, users can able to find the maximum battery capacity.
  • Tricks to Check Charging Status- People often want to clarify about how do I know my apple watch is charging. Users need to watch the Apple Watch display and if there is lighting symbol that denotes the watch is charging. If users start charging at 0% then some time is taken before displaying the charging symbol.
  • Possibility to Replace Battery- If question arises can you replace apple watch battery; it is very easy to replace battery, screen and band at reasonable price.
Apple Watches Battery Status
Apple Watches Battery Status

Problems Of Apple Watches

People encounter several problems while using apple watch.

  1. Users think about why does my apple watch keep turning off; it is mainly as apple watch doesn’t turn on when the wrist is raised. It is very annoying issue and users need to activate the option “Wake Screen on Wrist Raise”.
  2. The message app on apple watch displays some messages as unread although they are read previously on iPhone.
  3. The major problem is “No iPhone connection” error.
  4. Apple watch does not allow certain notifications to appear.
  5. Apple watch has problem to get connected with cellular networks.
  6. Users wondering about why does my apple watch vibrate twice, it is mainly due to a feature named as cover to mute. It automatically places the watch into silent mode and after receiving notifications it vibrate twice to alert users. This is a major problem when the watch is not in connection with the users.
  7. Another problem is that rapid drainage of battery.
  8. Sometimes there is a problem of missing of colours from the watch face.
  9. Red exclamation on watch screen denotes apple watch is bricked after an update.
  10. There occurs “Unable to install update” error when users try to update software on the apple watch.

Methods To Syncing Apple Watch With IPhone

Users must follow certain steps when apple watch activity not syncing with iPhone. Apple watches sync with iPhone as long as users’ Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are activated.

how to find apple watch if dead
how to find apple watch if dead

Opening control centre on iPhone>>Toggle menu>>To enable “Bluetooth” and “Wi-Fi” toggles>>To open watch app on iPhone>>My watch tab>>General>>To tap on “reset” option>>To tap on “Reset Sync Data” button.

Techniques To Improve Apple Watch Battery Life

Users need to concentrate on apple watch battery saving mode. They must undertake several aspects to improve apple watch battery life.

It is very essential to know how to turn power reserve off. Users have to activate Apple Watch Power Saver mode. Settings->Battery and Toggle power saver on. To turn off the power reserve: Full power mode>>To press the crown and side button together.

  • To turn down the colour as black background is more energy efficient.
  • To turn off always-on display mode. Settings>>Display and brightness>>Deactivating “always on” feature.
  • To disable wake on wrist raise. Settings>>General>>Unchecking the option “Wake screen on wrist raise”.
  • To turn off the heart rate monitor. If users don’t want to record heart rate frequently can disable the heart rate monitor. This saves battery to some extent.
  • To re-pair apple watch and iPhone. Starting watch app on iPhone>>”My watch” tab>>To tap on little “i”>>Tapping “un-pair apple watch” and then to confirm the choice.
  • To turn off push notifications.
  • To turn on reduce mode. Starting watch app on iPhone>My watch tab>General>Accessibility>Reduce Motion>Activating “Reduce Motion”.
  • To get apple watch serviced from time to time.
  • To curb down background refreshes.


1.Why Is Users’ Apple Watch Battery Draining So Quickly?

Users’ apple watch battery drains rapidly as there is something wrong regarding the pairing of the watch and iPhone. Users can un-pair the watch and then again re-pair as a new watch option. It will easily eradicate the corruptions that cause battery drainage.

2. How Can I Tell what’s Draining My Apple Watch Battery?

Users need to press the “Digital Crown” on Apple watch->Settings icon->General->To scroll down and select “usage”->Users can see usage time since they last charged their apple watch.

3. Is It Bad To Charge Apple Watch All Night?

No, it is not bad to charge apple watch all night, as after the watch gets fully charged the charging will stop automatically. It will not harm the battery from everyday overnight charging.

4. What Is The Battery Life Of The Apple Watch 6?

The battery life is of 18hours duration including 90 time checks, 90 notifications, 45minutes of app-use, 60minutes workout with background music through Bluetooth.

5. At What Percentage Should Users’ Charge Their Apple Watch?

Users should maintain a charge of 75% to 25%, as apple watch use lithium-ion batteries that perform through charge cycle and large number of charge cycle will reduce battery capacity.

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