Netflix Makes My Computer Stutter: Major Reasons, Problems and Ways to Fix

Netflix Makes My Computer Stutter
Netflix Makes My Computer Stutter

Users come across the problem of Netflix Makes My Computer Stutter. People feel the problem whenever they receive stuttering, choppy, high-pitched and distorted sound at the time of watching Netflix video. It generally indicates the problem with the title that the users have entered or the problem can be with the device.

Netflix makes my computer stutter as it uses huge amount of resources. When user’s Internet Service Provider (ISP) performs maintenance of equipment reduce the speed of the internet and causes small glitches on the screen, video distortions and buffering.

Various Netflix App Issues

People always have doubts regarding why is not my Netflix working.

Various Netflix App Issues
Various Netflix App Issues
  • Users Face the Problem of Netflix Keeps Crashing my Computer Issue- The basic problem is with the device and also due to the presence of anti-virus software as several security sites interfere with the services.
  • Users Can See Netflix Error 12001 on Android mainly due to the outdated data of the device.
  • Users Cannot Download Netflix Content if they are using jailbroken iPhone or any outdated version of android device.
  • Users can face Netflix error 1012 on iOS due to network connectivity issues and therefore the Netflix app get obstructed to reach the Netflix server.
  • Users observe black screen on desktop and they want to know why does Netflix not work on my computer, as they face the issue of “black screen”.
  • The problem arises due to the browser’s cookies.
  • The presence of Microsoft Silverlight plugin hinders the video playback.
  • Several anti-viruses are not suitable with Netflix and therefore cause severe problems.
  • Users receive a message “Your Netflix account is in use on another device. Please stop playing on other devices to continue” as there are large number of users watching Netflix.
  • Users are not able to login to Netflix.
  • Users face the problem of Netflix not loading.
  • Sometimes Netflix do not work properly on smart TV because of some disputes of TV’s internal hardware.

Reasons Why Netflix Keep on Buffering And Lagging

Users wonder about why is Netflix keep buffering. They encounter problem of slow loading of streaming site.

Reasons Why Netflix Keep on Buffering And Lagging
Reasons Why Netflix Keep on Buffering And Lagging
  1. Defect in Network Connectivity- Users face this problem if they are using cellular data. Before loading any video they should verify the internet speed through any online speed test.
  1. Lack of Application Updates- As Users use Netflix both in computer and mobile devices, they must update the application to the latest version from time to time.
  1. Need to Update the Device- Apart from the applications; users need to update the devices including phone, laptop and computer to get rid from the poor performances.

Sometimes users want to know the reasons why is Netflix so laggy and why is Netflix Makes My Computer Stutter although they possess fast internet speed.

  • The major cause is due to Internet Service Provider Network Congestion. It happens when large numbers of people access the streaming site at the same time only and causes network congestion resulting in videos buffering.
  • Users Face Problems due to Exceeding Data Capacity. Internet Providers namely, Comcast and Centurylink curb down the internet speed as soon as the users exceed the limit of monthly data capacity. Therefore they face the problem of video buffering although users possess fast internet connectivity.
  • Another major problem is the Netflix Throttling. The service providers deliberately reduce the amount of required resources for Netflix to function properly and make the streaming difficult.
  • Users also suffer from slow speed of Netflix and it is responsible due to outdated software of the device.

Process to Update Netflix on Windows 10

Users, who want to how to update Netflix on windows10, must follow certain steps.

  1. Users click on the small “windows” icon in order to open the start screen.
  2. They click to open “Microsoft Store”.
  3. Users click on the “user” icon on the top-right corner.
  4. They select “download or updates” from the drop-down menu.
  5. Users then click on “Check for Updates/Get Updates” for all available updates.
  6. They choose “To Install the Netflix Update on Your PC” and then it will be automatically downloaded and updated.

People wondering about how do I get the Netflix app on my laptop, users must know that if they use any device with window version 8 or higher, can able to get the app with paid Netflix service subscription.

Start Menu>>Selecting “Store”>>Users select “search”>>Typing “Netflix” in the search box>>Pressing “enter”>>Selecting “Netflix” from the search results>>Selecting “install”>>Again returning to the start menu>>Selecting the Netflix app>>Selecting the option “sign in”>>Users enter Netflix email address and password>>Users then select “sign in”.

why is Netflix keep buffering
why is Netflix keep buffering

Strategies to Keep Netflix Playing

Users must remember several essential tips and strategies how to keep Netflix playing without any obstructions.

  • Users must choose the best plan within their budget for enjoying the Netflix videos flawlessly.
  • Users need to personalise their account with profiles.
  • Users should manage their continue watching list and keep those movies, series they want to watch later. They can easily delete the others.
  • People can download movies and shows to watch offline.
  • Users can use Netflix codes to search obscure titles that are not present on the homepage. Netflix codes are short string of number.
  • Any device possessing windows version 8 or higher than that can provide the facility of Netflix.
  • People should remember keyboard shortcuts for easy surfing.
  • Users should check and set best quality of video.
  • They should add proper captions, sub-titles and audio-descriptions.
  • Users can able to change their account’s language.
  • If people want can able to turn off auto play.
  • Users can keep their accounts secure.

Ways to Fix Netflix Crashing and Freezing Computer

People have questions regarding why does Netflix freeze my computer. The probable reasons can be-

  • Issues related to poor server.
  • Problems due to incorrect date and time.
  • Problems of internet connections.
  • Issues due to VPN or Proxy.
  • Problems due to outdated Silverlight plug-in.

Users face problem of Netflix won’t work on my laptop and it constantly crash or freeze the computer. Users should follow several methods to get rid from the problem of Netflix keeps freezing or crashing computer.

  • Users should verify the date and time of the device. Search box>Typing “control”>Clicking “Control Panel”>Clicking on “Clock”>Clicking “Date and Time”>Setting correct date and time.
  • Users need to check the Netflix server. They must visit to check the server status.
  • If the Netflix application crash it cannot connect to the Netflix server. Therefore, users should check the installed windows firewall and security centre and disable them.
  • People must disable any proxy or VPN on the system. Start button>Settings>Network and Internet>Proxy>Manual Proxy setup>Turn off.
  • Users must re-install Silverlight plug-in. Settings>Apps>Silverlight>Microsoft Silverlight>Uninstall and then re-install.
  • They should update display and graphics card drivers. Win+R key>Typing devmgmt.msc command>Enter>Device Manager Windows open>Choosing Display adapters>Clicking on “Graphics Card Driver”>Choosing “Update Driver”.
  • Users must check the CPU and GPU temperature constantly.
  • If required, users can also re-install the Netflix app.

Procedure to Get Rid From Netflix Stutter Computer Issue

Users must follow certain steps to solve the problem of Netflix makes my computer stutter.

 Process to Update Netflix on Windows 10
Process to Update Netflix on Windows 10
  1. Users should provide some time to the stream. They should pause the video and wait for some time.
  2. Users must adjust the playback settings or can change resolutions on Netflix. Here are the steps regarding how to change resolution on Netflix PC.

Sign-in to the account>Selecting the profile>Selecting the account to update>Choosing “My Profile”>Selecting “Playback Settings”>Clicking on “High” under “Data Usage”>Selecting “Save”

  • People check whether the network supports streaming as certain networks blocks services like Netflix, Hulu or Disney+
  • Users must reboot the computer.
  • They should reboot and reset their home network.
  • Users should strengthen the Wi-Fi signals.


How Do I Fix Netflix Stutter On Windows 10?

Users should reboot the computer>>Check the internet connection speed>>Lowering the video quality>>Streaming from Netflix Desktop Application>>Optimising web browser>>Disabling VPN>>Updating Graphics Driver>>Updating windows.

Why Does My Computer Randomly Start Stuttering?

User’s computer randomly starts stuttering because of outdated drivers, faulty operating system, applications and browsers. Sometimes defects in hardware are also responsible for this issue.

Why Does My Netflix Keep Jumping?

The problem occurs due to the activation of auto-play previews. It constantly provides view options one after another and it solely depends on the users’ choice which one to select.

Why Is Amazon Prime Video Skipping?

There must be sufficient and strong internet speed to stream Amazon content. Poor connection is responsible for buffering, skipping and freezing of Amazon Prime Video. It can be also due to outdated app/software and shortage of bandwidth.

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