How To Watch Peacock On Firestick

There are always additional benefits of watching shows on TV than on the laptop. And why not have the maximum advantage of a big screen when all you have to do is connect your firestick to the TV? Because the bigger the screen, the better the quality of sound and picture, isn’t it?

And so, here are the details on how to watch peacock on firestick and enjoy all the unlimited shows and movies from across the internet.

How To Watch Peacock On Firestick:

How To Watch Peacock On Firestick
How To Watch Peacock On Firestick

Here are all the steps you have to follow one by one on how do I get peacock on my firestick:

  1. Start with getting the peacock TV subscription. Do this step online. Setup your peacock TV account and select a suitable plan for you.
  2. Next, log in to your fire TV device, and on its main page, go to search and type peacock TV to navigate to it. Once it shows up, click on the button that allows you to download peacock TV and let the download complete successfully.
  3. After successfully downloading it, open it and log in to peacock TV. In case you haven’t already made your peacock TV account, you can create it now as well.
  4. After logging in, you must add peacock TV to your fire stick’s home page. While your recent activities always show on the homepage for quick access, you can make sure that it never leaves the homepage by following the steps given below:
  5. Click on the menu button from the remote which has 3 dots on it.
  6. Select peacock and click ‘move’ on the pop-up that appears on the bottom right that will help you to drag and drop the peacock app to the first row of your home screen for easy access.
  7. And now, you have successfully downloaded peacock, created an account, logged into it, dragged it to your home screen, so now, it’s time to enjoy your favorite show on it.

And that was all about how to get peacock on firestick. But in case you are struggling with the update of the app and looking for answers of how to update peacock app on firestick, below is another solution for you.

Quick Steps To Update Peacock App On Firestick

  1. Go to the home menu on your fire TV. On the top of the screen, locate the menu items and select “Settings”.
  2. Then scroll to the right and go to “Applications”.
  3. In the applications section, look for “Appstore” where you will find “Automatic Updates” and change the settings from ‘off’ to ‘on’.
  4. Also, whenever you’d like to check for an update of the peacock app on fire TV, just select the Apps icon in the menu bar.

Not just peacock but this is how do you update apps on Firestick, be it any application.

And now, some more ways of watching peacock TV conveniently.

Peacock On Smart Tv

If you are wondering, how do I get peacock on my smart TV? Let’s do this in no time

  1. From the home screen of your smart TV, navigate to the ‘Apps’ section and then select the ‘Search’ icon.
  2. Insert ‘peacock’ on it and click the install button once it pops up.
  3. Let the downloading get finished so that you can log in or sign up for peacock and enjoy the ultimate shows it has got for you.
How To Watch Peacock On Firestick
How To Watch Peacock On Firestick

Is fire TV not available on the Amazon store in your region? Don’t worry because there’s a solution to this problem too.

And the solution is called sideloading.

Want to know How To Sideload Peacock On Amazon Fire Tv? Know more!

Sideload Peacock On Amazon Fire Tv

  1. Install the downloader app from the Amazon store that allows sideloading apps on amazon fire stick.
  2. After successfully downloading it, go to the settings of the downloader app and enable apps from unknown sources to allow sideloading.
  3. After that, you will be able to successfully install or sideload peacock TV on a firestick and enjoy it to the fullest.

Firestick > downloader app > enter URL > download peacock TV APK on firestick > install peacock TV > done.

Here’s a cherry on the pie with some more peacock TV downloading hacks!

 Don’t miss out on any of them.

Watch Peacock On Roku

Want to know, How to Watch peacock on Roku? Take quick steps:

  1. Create a Peacock account.
  2. Now start your Roku device and go to the home screen.
  3. Click on search and look for peacock TV. Once you find it, click on ‘add channel’.
  4. Then, go back to the home screen and look for Peacock TV in the list of your apps.
  5. Lastly, log into it to enjoy the shows.

Also, note that the ‘peacock not showing up on Roku’ issue happens because your Roku model might be outdated. And therefore, some of the Roku menus might not be visible to you.

So much on downloading peacock TV on various platforms using different methods. But now it’s time to answer some important questions too.

Continue reading to find them out!

Frequently Asked Questions

We believe our knowledge is never complete if we don’t go through some of the frequently asked questions. And so, here is your set of questions that other curious people like you have asked regarding peacock:

1.    Why is Peacock TV app unavailable?

If peacock is available in your region but the peacock app not working on tv or any of your devices then it might be because of the internet issue or your device filled with cache data. Fix the internet and clear the cache date to enjoy an uninterrupted peacock TV subscription.

Also, if you are facing the why is peacock not working issue because it’s not available in your region, then you can sideload it and subscribe to it using the method given above.

2.    Why is peacock not on firestick?

This is because peacock initially, peacock TV didn’t support the amazon devices from very beginning. And that is why a lot of people faced issues in using the app. It quite wasn’t possible without some hard work.

The good thing is every kind of hard work to watch peacock conveniently has been mentioned above. All you have to do is follow the step-by-step guide and enjoy your peacock TV.

3.    How do I restart apps on Firestick?

  • Open amazon and go to settings.
  • Click on applications and select the app you want to restart
  • Now, click on force stop to remove it from memory, then relaunch or restart it.
  • If this still does not help to restart the app, then uninstall it and download the specific app again.
  • And in case you want to restart the Amazon firestick, just unplug it for 20 seconds, and then re-plug it so that Amazon can restart.

4.    Can you share peacock account?

Absolutely! Peacock comes with the facility of sharing your account. Whether you’re paying for a monthly or yearly subscription to your peacock account or using it for free, you can share your Peacock account details with whomever you want to.

And for the same purpose, Peacock accounts also come with the facility of allowing users to create up to six profiles. And while more than six people can access the Peacock account from different-different devices, only six user profiles can be made for sharing purposes.

5.    Why is my amazon account in Spanish

This is not Amazon’s fault if your amazon is showing some different language than your native one. This will probably be because of some settings that you either might have done by mistake or happened on its own because of the region you are living in.

Amazon will display products and pages in Spanish or any other foreign language if your preferred country/region on the website has been set to it.

And to change Amazon’s country/region and set it on your preferred language settings on your browser, just click on the flag icon next to the search bar and go to the ‘Change country/region’ option to change your language settings.

And that is folks! Now you know how to use peacock on different portals and how to deal with minor glitches that interrupt your favorite streaming, right?

To Sum Up:

With so many online options to binge-watch your favorite shows, it is not always possible that your favorite show is available on the subscription that you have already got.

But that doesn’t mean you should miss the show. do some hard work and set up the streaming app that allows you to have it all. Like knowing how to watch peacock on firestick and successfully installing it on your TV.

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