Several Procedures To Guide Users How To Unblock Plug-In On Mac

Users need to have a clear idea regarding how to unblock plug-in on Mac, but before that they must know the concept of plug-in. Plug-in is a computer software that are used to add new functions to the program without hampering the main program.

Users must be aware of how to unblock plug-in on Mac as they can encounter blocked plug-in notifications from time to time. It becomes very monotonous for the users and indicates that the plug-in is unable to work. Whenever the system detects potential risk mainly after update it blocks the plug-ins.

Concept of Blocked Plug-in

Blocked plug-in means whenever the system prevents a specific plug-in to function properly. This error may occur at the time of performing specific actions like to play online video, to view documents in pdf format. Blocked plug-in is mainly associated with Adobe Software along with Flash player and Acrobat Reader.

How to Unblock Plug-In On Mac
Concept of Blocked Plug-in

Reasons behind Blocked Plug-in

Users receive blocked plug-in notifications that clearly portray some sort of security issues. This error virus can infect the Mac several times. Blocked plug-in may occur due to two major factors.

  • Issues of Cross Browsers- When users try to open email link to view pdf documents in safari, the file previews do not appear. There opens a blank screen with a message “Blocked plug-in” at the centre of screen.
  • Old Version of Flash Player- Adobe Flash Player reliable websites mainly display “blocked plug-in” error notification when it is not updated to the latest versions.

Ways to Disable Blocked Plug-ins on Mac-

Blocked plug-in errors are shown for security reasons as well as to maintain system stability. Blocked plug-in directly affects the browsing experience and make it difficult in efficient use of the browsers. It is very essential for users to know how to stop blocked plug-in on Mac.

  1. To Update the Plug-in: Plug-in gets blocked when it is outdated. It is very essential to consider which plug-in to determine for any particular program. If users receive error notifications at the time of previewing PDF file, then users have to go to to download the latest version.
  2. To Update the Safari- “Blocked plug-in” is mostly a safari issue. Users must have updated version of the browser.
How to Unblock Plug-In On Mac

Clicking the app store → Selecting Updates Tab → checking for the New Version of Safari → Applying Update.

  • To Re-enable the Plug-in Manually. Safari menu →selecting Preferences → clicking on website tab → to select right entry → checking the box present next to enable the plug-in.

Manual procedure of how to stop blocked plug-in on Mac. Users need to follow all the steps very judiciously.

  • From the “Go” menu, users have to select the “Utilities” option.
  • They have to locate the “Active Monitor” icon and double click on it from the Utilities screen.
  • From Activity Monitor application, users have to search the suspicious program and have to focus on unfamiliar entries.
  • Users then select “Stop” option, if malicious programs are found.
  • A dialog box appears, from there users need to select the “Force Quit” option.
  • They have to again click on “Go” menu and then can select “Go To Folder” option.
  • Users must type “/Library/Launch Agents” in the search box and then to click on “Go” button.
  • “Application Support” directory identifies the suspicious folders and move it to thrash.

Method to unblock Flash on Mac

  • Whenever users think of how to unblock flash on Mac; they should know that browsers block flash through default. Mainly the blocked plug-in is Adobe Flash. Flash get blocked due to frequent unscrupulous online activities. Constant updating will prevent the flash plug-in to get included into the safari block list.
  • Users click the arrows present at the right side of the “Flash out-of-date” icon.
  • Then clicking “Download Flash” present in the alert window.
  • Once it is downloaded, users should open the “Install_Flash_Player” file located in the Downloads folder.
  • Users must double click on the “Install Flash Player” icon.
  • Then they click on “Open”.
  • Users have to check the box beside the option “I have read and agreed to the terms of Flash Player Licenses Agreement Statement.”
  • Then they should click on “Install”.
  • When prompted users must enter admin password.
  • Then clicking on” Ok”.
  • The installed updated version of Adobe Flash helps the user to browse flash websites and flash-based Mac plug-ins without any disturbances.

Several Procedures to Unblock Plug-ins

Users having doubts regarding how to allow plug-ins on Mac, they should know the functionability of Plug-ins as it adds essential elements to the web browser for advanced functionality.

  1. Ways to Access Plug-ins in Mac Chrome:- For users who want to know how to unblock plug-in Mac chrome, they have to check the browsers they are using.
  2. Users have to launch the Google Chrome browsers on Mac.
  3. Then to click the three-dot icon present at the upper-right corner of the browser’s window.
  4. A drop-down menu appears.
  5. Then to select “Settings”.
  6. Another tab on the browser opens.
  7. From the new tab, users must select “Advanced” option and click on it.
  8. Then clicking on “Content Settings” option.
  9. They have to choose “Flash” option.
  10. Users need to click on the grey “Block sites from running flash” switch.
  11. Then click on three-dot icon and then on “Remove”.
  12. Selecting “Enable Flash” link and then to choose “Allow”.
How to Unblock Plug-In On Mac
a. Ways to Access Plug-ins in Mac Chrome
  • Process to Enable Plug-ins on Macbook Pro Users should focus on the following aspects when they wander about how to unblock plug-ins on Macbook Pro-

Safari→Preferences→Clicking “Security”→clicking on “Website” settings present beside “Allow plug-ins”→List of plug-ins appears→To select appropriate plug-ins that users want to enable→To view the configured websites→Allowing the option “When Visiting Other Websites”→Clicking “Done”.

  • Techniques to Unblock Plug-in on Mac Safari: Users must follow the important steps for better understanding of how to unblock plug-in on Mac Safari.
  • Clicking on safari web browser on Mac.
  • Clicking on “safari” present on the upper-left corner of the screen.
  • A drop-down menu appears.
  • Choosing “Preferences”.
  • Another window opens.
  • Then choosing “Websites” option.
  • Then clicking on “Adobe Flash Player” tab from plug-ins option.
  • Clicking on “When visiting other websites” from drop-down menu.
  • Clicking “On” enables flash player to display any content outside the Adobe Flash Player list.
  • At last enabling Adobe Flash Player for the available websites and then clicking on the drop down menu to select “On”.


Why is Mac Blocking Plug-ins?

Mac blocks plug-ins when the system has banned a specific plug-in from functioning. The root of this problem is associated with Adobe software along with Flash player and acrobat reader due to lack of security updates.

How do Users Unblock Content on Mac?

To unblock content on Mac, Settings→system preferences→clicking on screen time→selecting content and privacy→then clicking on Content.

How to Unblock Plug-in on Macbook Air?

In order to unblock plug-in on Macbook Air, Launch safari browser→ selecting Preferences→clicking to security→clicking Open the box→ to hit Allow Plug-in.

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