How To Reset Oculus Pin And Verify The Identity

If you forget the oculus pin you will have to reset the button. Tap the menu in the bottom right corner and then TAP settings with that of the account settings. Go to the SUBMIT button and then click on OK to fully complete the process. 

Thus before you know how to reset your oculus pin to verify your identity and simplify purchasing in the Oculus store. Thus the PIN is associated with that of the account. All you want is to create Meta Quest devices that share the same PIN. 

Tap Account Settings with the rest of the Oculus Pin. you will have to Tap the menu in the bottom right corner and then Tap Settings. You can reset the oculus PIN using the mobile app on the device. 

You will have to open the Oculus mobile app on the device. You will have to tap on the account settings to feed the PIN along with the complete process to reset the Oculus pin completely. 

You can change the Oculus Pin at any time if you have saved the keyword anyhow. But if you forget the PIN you can reset it by selecting the price of any app or even the game. 

This content will act as a guide on how you can reset the oculus Pin so that whenever you are stuck you can take help from here to proceed further. Lastly, you need to choose a NEW Pin. 

How To Reset Your Oculus Pin

The PIN that a user creates for an account in order to verify the identity and also simplify the purchase process in the Oculus store. This is known as Oculus PIN. The reason behind the PIN is associated with the account and the complete Meta Quest Devices share the same PIN. 

If you already have a PIN but you cannot access it because you have forgotten the PIN. click on the forgot oculus pin to get the right access so that it gets protected as a user. 

how to reset oculus pin
  • Log In to your Oculus Account: Visit the main website of Oculus and create or log in to the existing account. Suppose you are using a mobile browser to operate the menu icon on the NAVIGATION Bar
  • Use Your Facebook account to get started: Once you tap the On Log in or the Sign-Up button, you will need to Log In with your Facebook account.
  • Choose or Click on Apps & Games: Once you log in you will have to navigate through the app or the game. Once the account is reset you will have to click on the purchase button on an app or the game.
  • Click on Any App or game: You will need to select the app or the game with the purpose to guide along with the Limited time deals. Once you don’t have to pick the same app or the game with anyone repeatedly. 
  • Click on the Price: Once you land on the details, it starts to include the age of ratings, reviews, descriptions, and many more. The “Confirm Purchase” pop-up will appear after you have tapped on the app or game’s price. 
  • Reset The Oculus PIN: The price of the game, including tax, is displayed in the pop-up. To buy the game, you must enter your Oculus pin. You can reset your pin if you have forgotten it. Tap on “Forgot PIN?” next to “Enter PIN” to do so.

 Where To Reset A New Pin? 

  • Tap on “Forgot PIN?” and the “Reset Your Oculus PIN” pop-up will appear.
  • Know your current password process the oculus pin reset
  • Select and enter a new Oculus pin
  • To confirm your new pin, enter your current password
  • Enter the NEW PIN and CLICK on OK 
  • Finally, press the “Submit” button to reset your Oculus pin!

Change The Oculus Pin: Know How 

how to reset oculus pin

Suppose you are looking to change the Oculus Pin, or want to look for ways to how you can proceed with resetting the oculus pin, you will need to follow a complete guideline. There are three ways in which you can reset the oculus PIN. 

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Change Your Oculus Pin on the 

On The PC App 

  • Open the Oculus App on the PC
  • Click on SETTINGS (left menu)
  • Click on Oculus PIN under Account 
  • Choose NEW PIN
  • Feed the new PASSWORD
  • Click on Submit 

On Mobile App 

  • Pick the Oculus Go mobile app
  • Select your profile picture
  • Select “Account Settings.”
  • Enter your current pin, 
  • select a new pin, 
  • Click “Submit.”
  • Click on OK 

Samsung Gear VR App 

how to reset oculus pin
  • Pick the Oculus mobile app
  • Click “More”
  • Select “Reset Oculus Pin”
  • Enter your recent password
  • Select a new pin and press the “Save” button
  • Click on OK

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What do I do if I forgot my Oculus pin?
Ans1. You will have to reset your Oculus PIN to get started once again on the account settings by clicking on Request Pin Reset. Beyond that, you need to follow the guidelines on the email and reset the PIN.  

Q2. What is my Oculus quest pin?
Ans2. The Oculus Quest PIN is the PIN that is created at your account that is used to verify as well as identify the purchase of the Oculus Store. Once done, the PIN will get started all the more. 

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