How To Reset All Audio Settings Windows 11

While Windows is more than capable of managing sound on your PC, you may wish to intervene and reset sound settings if you are experiencing audio issues or glitches.

A set of audio enhancements, such as Loudness Equalization and Bass Boost, are among the new features. However, certain issues within your system may arise, resulting in poor sound quality. It could be caused by an out-of-date or corrupted sound driver, incorrect audio settings, or disabled sound services.

Windows 11 introduced a slew of new and improved features for its users. The Enhance Audio feature, in particular, gives you the option to enjoy overall better sound quality. 

However, with Microsoft’s aesthetic changes in Windows 11, it has become more difficult to find these settings sound. So, let us look at how to find and manage these settings in Windows 11, as well as how to reset them if something goes wrong with the audio. 

Here in this content we will learn about how you can reset all audio settings in Windows 11. 

How to reset sound settings in Windows 11 in 6 easy steps

How To Reset All Audio Settings Windows 11

Method 1: Reset app sound and volume settings

  • To open the Settings app, press Windows + I on your keyboard. Now, on the right, 
  • Click ‘Sound’
  • Scroll down and select ‘Volume mixer.’
  • Now, at the bottom, click ‘Reset.’
  • This option restores the default settings for all third-party apps and pre-installed programmes.
  • If you were experiencing audio input or output problems with either of these apps, they should now be resolved on your PC.

Method 2: Troubleshoot your audio driver

  • If you have been unable to resolve audio issues with your system, 
  • It may be time to reset your audio driver
  • It can be accomplished by reinstalling the most recent version or 
  • By reverting to a previously known version that previously worked in your system
  • Device manager is on the keyboard 
  • Select the Select
  • Expand sound video and game controllers 
  • Double-click the same 
  • Check the audio adapter and facing issues
  • Click on Uninstall device 
  • Click on Attempt to remove the driver for this device 
  • Restart the system 

Method 3: Restart Windows audio services

Windows services are used to manage your computer’s long-running processes, such as network connectivity, sound, accounts, security, power, Bluetooth, and so on. These services operate in the background and are started when your computer boots up.

The clean boot programme is ideal because it requires only a few sets of drivers and software to start up. As a result, the likelihood of such an issue occurring is reduced.

The following Windows services are concerned with sound on your system:

  • Windows Media Player
  • Endpoint Builder for Windows Audio
  • Call for Remote Procedure (RPC)

Method 4: Use the troubleshooter tool 

The Windows Troubleshooter is a troubleshooting tool that can assist you in detecting and resolving computer issues. Let’s look at how you can use this tool to detect and resolve audio-related issues on your PC.

  • Press the Windows Key
  • Open the SETTINGS 
  • CLick on the START MENU
  • Click on the SAME SEARCH RESULTS
  • Click on RUN option 
  • Check the repairs 
  • CLick on OK 

The majority of problems encountered by Windows users are caused by device driver issues. If you are having problems with your audio devices, try restarting the audio driver.

There is a good chance that just doing that will solve your problem. Continue reading to learn how to restart the audio driver in Windows 11.

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Method 5: Reset System sounds to default sounds

Restarting the audio driver resolves your problem. If the problem persists, you can reinstall your audio driver. The steps for reinstalling the audio driver can be found here. 

  • Right Click on Windows icon 
  • Click on Device manager from the menu that expands out 
  • Click on the down arrow associated with the section sound, video and game controllers
  • Right click on the audio disable device 
  • Option to disable device
  • Click Yes to Confirm
  • Click system change window
  • Restart the machine   

How do I reinstall audio drivers in Windows 11?

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To open that app, first click Start and then Settings. On the System tab, select Sound. If there is no sound device listed in the Output section, select Add device. Then, to add your sound output device, select a suitable category.

  • Suppose the audio service is not running properly, you will need to check the setting in the controller panel 
  • Reinstalling audio drivers usually resolves all audio-related issues in Windows. 
  • There are two main methods for reinstalling audio drivers on your computer.
  • Reinstalling the audio manager driver along with the device manager 
  • Locate and expand the section of Sound, video and game controllers
  • Right click on the audio driver 
  • Click on the option Uninstall device 
  • When uninstalling the device UAC windows you will have to open up and click on the uninstall button 
  • Restart the machine and run the process
  • Device manager window should be managed well with a right click on the machine name 
  • Next you can scan the hardware changes option 
  • Type in appwiz.cpl in windows start menu search bar by pressing ENTER key
  • Open up the programs and features of control panel 
  • Locate the audio driver entry from the list of software 
  • Uninstall the button at the top 
  • Select the audio driver entry 

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How do I reset my audio settings to default?

If you experience any kind of audio issues, you must know the settings and also keep a check on how to monitor the same. 

  • To access the start menu, press the Windows key on your keyboard
  • Search for ‘Change system sounds’ in the start menu 
  • Click OK and select it from the results
  • Click the downward arrow in the ‘Sound Scheme’ option 
  • Select ‘Windows Default’ in the ‘Sound’ window
  • To save the changes, 
  • click ‘Apply.’
  • Press the OK button 
  • Resetting of the audio setting is completed 

From the Control Panel, go to Hardware and Sound, and then Sound. Select and hold (or simply right-click) the Default Device on the Playback tab, then Properties. Change the setting under Default Format on the Advanced tab, click OK, and then test your audio issues on the device. 

Protip: Press the Win key on the keyboard to change sound systems and click from the right pane. 

frequently asked questions

Q1. How do I fix Realtek in Windows 11?
Ans1. You can fix realtek in windows 11 by pressing Windows + X and then selecting the Device manager from the menu bar. Now you will have to go to the sound>video>games controllers within the category.

Q2. Does Windows 11 have audio issues?
Ans2. Windows 11 has an in-built tool to figure out the audio related problems automatically. Once you open the settings of the app, you will need to go to the System. Next you should go through the Troubleshoot and Click on Run to play the audio troubleshooter. 

Q3. Does Windows 11 have Realtek?
Ans3. The latest Windows 11 consists of Realtek audio drivers. This was released on January 11, 2022. And, it is the updated version of 6.0. 

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