How To Pair Oculus Quest 2 To Phone Easy Guide

Oculus Quest is one of the most popular VR headsets. Users can connect it by running the Android 5.0+ and iOS 10+, along with the Facebook account. Sometimes users make use of the Oculus app on their smartphone to install.

And, once they know how to pair oculus quest 2 to phone you can connect it through bluetooth. Users can enjoy the amazing VR experience.

Before you can plan to pair your phone, Oculus Quest 2 headset helps you to download the oculus app. In this app, the users not only get to customize the settings but also get a chance to buy, download and install VR apps remotely. 

Make sure that the Iphone is running Apple iOS 10 and above. And, if it is an Android phone, the version should be Android 5.0 and above. In this way you can learn about how to pair oculus quest to phone by following the instructions on the next screen. The Oculus Quest 2 headset is ready. 

Step-By-Step Guide To pair Oculus Quest 2 To phone

In order to pair the oculus quest 2 to a phone, users will have to create a facebook and Oculus account. All you need is to install the Oculus app on your phone. All updates are available for both iPhone and Android. 

1). Set Up Your Account 

       You need to download the Oculus app from the Apple Store or the google play store. Once you install the app, check in with your Facebook account. 

  • Click on CONTINUE on the profile page and edit USERNAME
  • Click on PRIVACY Settings 
  • CREATE New Account
  • CLICK on SKIP 
  • Tap on OK 

2). Choose The VR Headset

how to pair oculus quest 2 to phone
  • Open the SETTINGS 
  • Select the VR Headset 
  • Pair the New Headset 
  • Strap on the five digit code on the display 

3). Create A VR Profile 

  • Create a VR Account if you are the first time user 
  • The account starts with a Greeting  
  • Once Everything is set, hit on OK 

4). Select A Profile Picture Of Your Interest 

  • Open VR account
  • Use the greetings of the Privacy Settings menu 
  • Create a Username and set the friends list 
  • Click on OK once completed 

5). Pair The Quest 2 With Your Phone 

  • Connect your phone with a setup procedure 
  • Go through the pairing process and then connect the device to the VR 
  • Check through the Universal menu and choose Sharing the Cast and press Start 

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How To Fix Oculus Quest 2 Not Pairing To Phone?

how to pair oculus quest 2 to phone

1). Reset The Set Up Connectivity 

  • Open Oculus App with compatible mobile devices with continued setup 
  • Sign In with Facebook 
  • Choose preferences 
  • Check privacy settings
  • Create a Meta Store PIN
  • Add payment info 

2). Check The Wifi Connectivity 

  • Open Wifi settings 
  • Open the Oculus app 
  • Restart the mobile device 
  • Quest 2 headset is set up 

3). Use The Factory Reset 

  • Pair Oculus headset with only one phone 
  • Factory Reset with Oculus Quest 2 to enter the pairing screen 
  • Know the PIN and create the best with Meta 
  • Click on OK once over 

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How To Pair Quest 2 To iPhone

how to pair oculus quest 2 to phone

You need to turn on the Oculus Quest 2 and then hold it nearby the phone. Make Sure that the Bluetooth is already switched on and it is connected to the phone to that of the VR headset through the Oculus App. 

Once you know the steps to how to connect your phone to oculus quest 2, it becomes easy and fast to get started. 

Why Pair A Quest 2 To A Phone?

Yes, it is easy to connect the Quest 2 to a Phone. Here you can get the display of VR features. To get started you will need to pair the device with the Android via Playstore and the Apple Store on iOS. It is best to get started with a Facebook account. 

What If My Phone Doesn’t Pair Automatically?

If you are not able to connect two devices using the phone, you will have to create an account before you connect the devices. It can also happen that your device is not within the perfect range required for connection. 

What If I’m Using A Tablet?

Using a tablet to connect to Quest 2 oculus is to look for the right updates set with the VR experiences. The owners can send the links from the Android devices and set it right to the headset to view them right in the VR headset. 

What If I Want To Pair With A Different Phone?

If you want to pair the Oculus Quest 2 to any kind of another device, you need to have a proper connection. The Quest 2 can be cast to a Google Chromecast, Google Home and also other iOS operating system phones.

What If I Want To Cast To My Phone?

Users will have to know how to pair a second phone to oculus quest 2 before they can cast to my phone on the same WiFi network. With both devices on, open the Oculus app on the smartphone. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why is my Oculus Quest 2 not pairing with my phone?
Ans1. Oculus Quest 2 makes sure that the headset is nearby and turned on. It is known to check the WiFi signal with the wireless router and internet connection.  

Q2. How do I connect Oculus 2 to my phone?
Ans2. Connect the VR headset through the oculus app using the Bluetooth. It is best not to close the app and get it connected with ease. 

Q3. Why won’t my Oculus pair with my phone?
Ans3. It can be the reason for out-of-date versions of the app with the issue of weak wifi signal that can cause pairing disruption. 

Q4. How do I sync my phone to my Oculus?
Ans4. Open the website and tap on Share. Choose the Oculus App and click on Open Now. Pick your headset, and the link will automatically open in the Browser. 

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