How To Download Apps On Vizio TV

One of the greatest benefits of a smart TV platform is the ability to access all your chosen streaming applications without needing additional devices.

Vizio’s smart TV platform, also known as “SmartCast” on newer TV models, is an excellent example of an affordable set of smart TVs; nonetheless, we understand that you want to ensure that SmartCast contains the apps you use. Here’s how to confirm what to do if an app appears missing.

How To Download Apps On Vizio TV Without V Button

The best way to download apps on a Vizio TV without a V button is via the Vizio Internet Apps (VIA) Plus. You also could sideload apps via a flash drive or the SmartCast application.

In addition to these improvements, I’ve also mentioned using other buttons on the remote to reach the Play Store and screencasting programs from a different device.

Easiest Ways To Download Apps On Vizio TV

1. Install Apps Via The Vizio Internet Apps (VIA) Plus platform.

Utilizing the Internet Apps (VIA) Plus Platform is the simplest way to install applications on a Vizio TV without a V button. Ensure the television has a stable internet connection for this purpose.

Follow the instructions below:

  • Double-tap the Home button on the remote.
  • This will lead you to a screen displaying all installed applications on the device.
  • In the All Apps list, look for the application you wish to install.
  • Once you locate the application, click the OK button and wait for it to install.

2. Sideload Applications Onto A Vizio TV using A USB Flash Drive

how to download apps on vizio tv

Using a Flash Drive, you may also sideload apps into your Vizio TV. This strategy works best if your internet connection is unreliable.

Follow the instructions below:

  • Download the application’s APK file before installing it.
  • Save the file on a flash drive using a computer. Ensure there is no additional data stored on the device.
  • Turn off the TV and disconnect it from its power supply.
  • Connect the flash drive, return power to the television, and power it on.
  • The system will begin sideloading the application automatically; wait for the procedure to complete.

3. Use The SmartCast Application As A Remote To Install Apps On Your Vizio Television.

Google Chromecast is compatible with Vizio televisions. You can use this SmartCast configuration to add new apps to the TV or uninstall existing ones.

The setup allows you to add and manage all applications on your Vizio television. All you need now is a Google Chromecast-enabled app on your mobile device.

However, it is essential to note that Vizio TVs provide a limited selection of applications. In other circumstances, you are limited to the pre-installed app and may not have access to numerous applications on your TV.

  • Once the SmartCast page of your television is accessed, all available applications will be displayed. Using the application on your phone, you can control a TV cursor.
  • Go to the All Apps area and search for the app you wish to install using this pointer.
  • Note that some older TV models do not permit the installation of new applications.

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4. Navigate Vizio TV Interface Using Vizio TV Buttons

how to download apps on vizio tv

You can also visit the Play Store using the buttons on your television.

Follow the instructions below:

  • Ensure that the television is linked to the internet.
  • Long-press the TV’s input and volume-down buttons.
  • Retrieve the Home screen.
  • This will lead you to a screen displaying all installed applications on the device.
  • Visit the ‘All Apps’ section and search for the desired application.
  • Once you locate the application, click the OK button and wait for it to install.

5. Screencast Applications From A Smartphone To A Vizio TV

SmartCast is the ideal route to use new apps on your TV if you cannot download new apps.

You only need a Google Chromecast-compatible app to cast media to your television.

The finest thing is that the small number of available applications will not limit you. Furthermore, you may also cast media from your laptop.

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What If Vizio Doesn’t Have An App You Want?

how to download apps on vizio tv

There are still options available to you. SmartCast’s inherent support for Google Chromecast is one of the nicest features; if an app supports Chromecast, you can cast it immediately to your Vizio TV without purchasing a separate Chromecast device.

  • First, ensure that your preferred streaming app is Chromecast-enabled and fully updated on your mobile phone.
  • Launch a playback app and tap the Cast button, which resembles a little TV rectangular with a Wi-Fi signal in one corner. The Cast button may be at a different location depending on your device or platform.
  • Wait until your mobile device detects your Vizio SmartCast television. The color of the Cast button will better reflect a successful connection. Start to play to stream content to your television. Clicking the Cast button again will allow you to disconnect anytime.

How Do I Add Apps To My Vizio Smart TV That Is Not Listed?

Obtain a streaming device or computer with the unlisted application.

Connect your phone through USB to your Vizio Smart TV. Use the Google Play App Store to install more applications for your Vizio Smart TV.

Frequently Asked Questions-

1. Does my Vizio TV have an app store?
Ans. The platform for VIZIO Internet Apps displays your apps at the bottom of the screen. Press the button labeled VIA on the remote. Choose Connected TV Store from the dock at the bottom of the display. Choose All Apps, Latest, Featured, or Categories to locate the desired app.

2. Why won’t my Vizio TV let me download apps?
Ans. Disconnect the power cord from the socket or the back of the television, whichever is more practical. Hold down the TV’s power button for three to five seconds. Reconnect the power cord and activate the television.

3. How do I connect apps to my Vizio TV?
Ans. A USB drive can be used to sideload software onto a TV. Before sideloading an app, ensure that your TV is compatible.

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