How To Connect Phone To Vizio Smart Tv

Connecting to vizio smart TV is easy now. It is not rocket science but all you need is to connect to the Vizio smart TV. Here we will discuss the ways to connect phone to vizio tv and get to connect. The foremost thing you need is to use the VizioSmartcast app. 

What Is The Vizio Smartcast App?

VizioSmartcast app is the app that allows you to have all the options on your phone. It helps in connecting with the Vizio smart TV. Users need to simply load up anything you want to watch on the phone. 

Not only do you get information about connecting the phone to the vizio app but also learn ways on how to connect vizio tv to phone.

How To Troubleshoot Your Vizio TV Not Connecting To The Internet

Troubleshooting the Vizio TV with wireless is easy by using a VIZIO remote. Use the arrow keys and then easily navigate the NETWORK and the power button. 

Users can unplug the power cord and get back the TV/outlet. Once the device is unplugged, you need to press and hold the power for sometime and get back what you desire to watch. 

Here Are Some Proven Steps To Get Connected

how to connect phone to vizio smart tv
  1. Check the Wi-Fi network
  2. Toggle the DHCP settings
  3. Power cycle the router, modem, and TV
  4. Change the router security settings to enable WPA-PSK 
  5. Use a wired Ethernet connection
  6. Reset the Vizio TV
  7. Contact Vizio customer support

Tips To Connect Your Phone To Vizio Smart TV

You must know how to connect android phone to vizio tv. 

  • Click open the VIZIO Smartcast Mobile App 
  • Follow the onscreen and prompt opening a VIZIO account
  • Users can continue as a Guest
  • Make sure that the Android device and TV is on the Same network 
  • Tap the device you wish to cast your connection 

How To Connect Android Device With Vizio Smart TV

Before you connect android device to Vizio Smart TV, users must go through certain steps- 

  • Create a setup of wireless connection and enable options 
  • Power on your Smart TV and connect the Android settings
  • Choose the screencast feature and bring up a list of available devices connecting the smartphone’s screen
  • Click on OK button

Steps To Connect IPhone To Your Vizio Smart TV

how to connect phone to vizio smart tv
how to connect phone to vizio smart tv

If you are an iPhone user with an iOS operating system, you need to follow some other steps to connect to the vizio smart TV. 

  • Know the ways on how to pair phone to vizio tv under Wifi network
  • Enable Airplay on Vizio Smart TV and press HOME button
  • Go to Control enter of iPhone and iPad using screen mirroring
  • Click on EXtras Tab on the top of the screen 
  • Connect to the wireless and choose the TV from the list
  • There is a 4 digit code using connection of the device and sae the connection for later usage

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How To Connect PC To Vizio Smart TV

Connecting Windows PC to the Vizio Smart TV lets the user browse the web and view presentations and play games. Google Chrome is launched in the Windows 10 computer, one can download the same. 

  • Open Chrome ad click on three dots menu 
  • Select CAST from popup menu 
  • Bring out casting tray and begin searching for wireless displays connecting the Wifi Network
  • Click on Vizio SmartTV 
  • Select Chrome and allow casting on the browser 

How Do I Put My Vizio Tv In Pairing Mode

how to connect phone to vizio smart tv
how to connect phone to vizio smart tv

Users will need to press and hold the TV. You will then need to hit the menu button together. And then it will take 10 to 20 seconds to get the connection. When Vizio Appears on the TV, you can release the button. 

One can also use the number buttons and enter 0000. Later on you can press OK and use the remote control. And once this step is done, things get under control. And users can put the vizio tv on pairing mode. 

Android and iOS devices must meet the following requirements-

  • Android 8.0 and high 
  • iOS 13.0 and high

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How To Display Your Phone On A Vizio TV

Displaying your phone on a vizio TV is easy now. You will have to tap and choose the blue mirror by clicking on the name of your VIZIO TV. Then you can show the control center and tap on the screen mirroring option. Once selection of the TV name is completed, you will have the iphone that will get mirrored on your vizio TV. 

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. Why can’t I connect my phone to my Vizio Smart TV?
Ans1. A proper troubleshooting can help you connect the phone to the vizio smart TV. The power cycle network will also help in unplugging the power cord from the router for about 10-20 seconds and then reconnect the power. 

Q2. How do I connect my Android phone to my Vizio TV?
Ans2. Users need to make sure that the Android phone and vizio TV is on the same network. Open the Google Home App on the phone and tablet. You need to tap the device and want to cast your screen. You will have to cast the screen and find the best way to connect the phone to the vizio TV. 

Q3. How do I connect my phone to my Vizio Smart TV without WiFi?
Ans3. You can download the Vizio app and then mirror your phone. The name of the app is Smartcast mobile. It helps in connection with your vizio smart TV and starts mirroring your phone on it without Wifi. 

Q4. How do I pair my phone with my TV?
Ans4. Ensure that the phone and the TV are on the same network. The TV settings can turn on the screen mirroring using Android settings by establishing the connection. 

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