How To Cancel Roku Subscription

If you are not willing to use it, you can choose Roku subscription cancel. You will have to visit the Roku account from your computer or smartphone and then proceed towards managing your subscriptions. Once done you will be able to cancel the same. 

This content is a guide on how to cancel a Roku subscription. Using the account, you can cancel and press the asterisk button leading to a pop-up window where you will be asked for your next move. Here you will have to find the HOME BUTTON and then manage the subscription.  

If users have subscribed to a paid or premium channel through the ROKU ACCOUNT, you can cancel the subscription immediately from the ROKU website directly or else from the Roku player. 

Why is Roku charging me monthly

The Roku channel is free. But, ever you come across recurring charges on the credit card or debit card billing statement from the bank, just know that you must have put on a subscription for a paid or premium subscription. 

This is something where you can also take for an account that someone with access to the Roku player has signed up for a channel. If the message still continues on confirming that your ROKU Subscription is ON, simply go for the ways on how to cancel Roku from the channel. 

  • Visit the official website of
  • Sign in to the Roku account if you haven’t signed in
  • Click or TAP button
  • Update The Payment method
  • Check If there is any subscription running in your account
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page 
  • Select Remove payment method
  • Click OK
  • Your process is completed 

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How to View Your Roku Subscription

How To Cancel Roku Subscription

As a user, you will need to check the ROKU subscription from the MANAGE SETTING section. Once you open the Roku website in the browser or from the device where you are signed into the ROKU account. 

Click on MY account to check if there is any subscription running under your name or not. If it is so, you will have to unsubscribe and disconnect from ROKU. 

Click on the AVATAR icon on the top right corner of the window and check MY ACCOUNT. Clicking on the subscription, you should see the list of channels you are subscribed to through the same Roku account for canceling the Roku subscription. 

There are ROKU features and the device issues will constantly keep on upgrading and if accidentally it is upgraded, the subscription will start working. 

How to cancel a Roku subscription on your Roku device

If you want to deactivate the subscription of the ROKU account, you will have to create ways to remove the Roku account and cancel the subscription process. 

If you do not remove the subscription you will be billed and charged every month directly on your account.  In a pop-up window, all the details of payment will flash up. 

Here is a method that leads to the cancellation of the subscription and also saves you from the monthly payment notification. 

  • Go to the official website of on your device
  • If you are prompted, sign into the Roku account 
  • Scroll down the page
  • Select Manage your subscriptions section 
  • Locate the channel under Active Subscriptions 
  • Select Cancel subscription.
  • Select a reason for canceling
  • Press OK button
  • Complete the process

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How to cancel a Roku subscription on the web

How To Cancel Roku Subscription

If you are opening your ROKU account from the web, you must OPEN the window on the web and check out the official website of ROKU. 

On the Roku website, the process of cancellation is a bit different. Yet after this, it is easy to go through. 

  • Go to official website
  •  Sign Up for Roku
  • There, you should be able to see a MANAGE YOUR SUBSCRIPTION 
  • Check the full list of the channels that you have subscribed to on your account.
  • If you do not want to continue, CLICK on REMOVE

Your subscription will be deactivated and you will stop receiving monthly bills. 

How to Find Paid Subscriptions On Roku

How To Cancel Roku Subscription

On the ROKU account, you will be able to spot paid subscriptions that have the ROKU mobile version from the streaming services. It allows viewers to stream through the content and watch channels on Roku from mobile phones. 

The platform could be either iPhone or Android. But it depends on you how you will be accessing the account. The billing section of the Roku account will give you a complete history of the subscription, the date, and how much you are billed on a particular cycle. 

But, if you are looking forward to the cancellation of the subscription or removing the account, you will have to check the MY account section with all kinds of other payment method activities to find out the reason why the ROKU account is being charged. Sometimes you may also see the charge of $5.99 a month. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I stop Roku from charging my card?
Ans1. Click or tap update under the payment method and then scroll the button to the bottom of the page by selecting the ROKU payment method and clicking on REMOVE. 

Q2. How do I see my subscriptions on Roku?
Ans2. Go to ROKU Screen and see if there is any subscription running for your account. You can press the * button on the Roku TV remote to manage the subscriptions along with the renewal date. 

Q3. Why is Roku charging me monthly?
Ans3. Although the ROKU channel is free yet it is charging you may be because of the subscription that it has on your account. If you are OK with it then leave it apart and when you do not want to continue with the subscription, just go ahead o CANCEL it. 

Q4. How do I cancel subscriptions?
Ans4. Whenever you see unnecessary subscriptions coming up for the ROKU subscription, just choose to unsubscribe. You will have to click on channels and view them using the ROKU SETUP. 

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