Firestick Not Connecting To Wifi?

Does your firestick not connect to the internet? If yes it will help in providing you with useful tips to help you get Firestick connected. If everything is sorted out better, it will help in functioning again.

When it is about firestick says network disconnected but internet working, you need to go through some troubleshooting tips and tricks. This content is a guide in which you can make your knowledge run better and find ways to fix the issues.

The Amazon Firestick is one of the most popular devices. It is used for Streaming. And, the device is available for jailbreaking the contents.

It can be a typical local network issue or any internet connectivity issue. It is then when it causes a Fire TV Stick to be unable to connect to the internet. There could be a deep problem along with the hardware of the local network. What is the result? It is a weak wireless network signal or a problem with your internet connection.

If you manually configure your Fire Stick, you can resolve the issue by using step-by-step troubleshooting advice.

What Causes A Firestick Not To Connect To The Internet?

Without the proper connectivity of the internet, it is not possible to create streaming content. It offers a fantastic bouquet of content. It boasts of other amazing features that can transform a regular TV into a smart one.

If it is seen that the firestick network is disconnected or any such issue arises with the Firestick or Fire TV, the first step is to restart the device. To do this, you can unplug the power cord from the back of the device.

Amazon Fire TV stick is a wonderful streaming stick that helps in driving better results.

  • Interfering Bluetooth services with Wi-Fi Signals
  • Network hardware issues
  • VPN configuration
  • Wi-Fi Signal Strength
  • Outrage of Internet connection
  • Amazon services outrage
  • Slowing down of the device

There are possible reasons which might make you feel firestick unable to connect to a server, the first thing you must check is to check the router’s range. The experiences and their issues with the Wi-Fi connectivity is still persisting or not?

And, losing a Wi-Fi can be for multiple reasons. Moreover, the connectivity of the Firestick is one of the main reasons behind restoring and troubleshooting the connection.

Fixes When Firestick Unable To Connect To Server

If you are unaware of the steps to how to fix the connection of the server and create room to how connect amazon fire stick to wifi, here’s a short summary of the same.

You can hold the play and pause button and find the right objective. Then you can hold down the center button and immediately get a message- ‘Your Amazon Fire TV is powering off.’

After the Firestick returns to the HOME Screen, see everything works now. If this solves your problem, then it’s great. Or else you can employ all these below fixes.

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1. Check For A Well-Established Network Coverage

The first step to correct the error is to confirm if the established connection is working or not between your router and the Firestick. Here’s a step-by-step fix of the same.


  • GO to SETTINGS on Firestick HOME Screen
  • Select NETWORK
  • Press the PLAY/PAUSE Button on the Remote
  • Network Details will keep displaying
  • Confirm the network is Active
2. Reboot The Router
 Firestick Not Connecting To Wifi? Here Are The 8 Best Fixes

Simple REBOOT of the Modem & Router to fix the problem of connectivity. You can use the remote shortcut techniques to connect to the modem. After the power-off button restarts, the system starts to work once again.


  • Unplug the power cord from the back of your wireless router
  • Wait for 30-40 seconds and plug it back in
  • Let router sit for at least 2 minutes
  • Re-try connecting the Fire TV device to your network
3. Connect Fire TV Stick To The HDMI Extender
Firestick Not Connecting To Wifi

If you face any kind of firestick not connecting to wifi during setup, the very next step is to connect the Fire TV stick to the HDMI Extender. And. Here’s a step-by-step service. It boosts Wi-Fi Connectivity. Amazon recommends using Firestick for better progression.

The Fire TV stick fits more securely in your TV’s HDMI port with the help of an HDMI extender. Therefore, using it has certain added benefits. One benefit of the HDMI extension is that it makes the Fire TV remote more effective.

4. Look For A Wired Ethernet Connection

You can connect a Fire Stick to your router using an Ethernet adapter if you are unable to create a stable Wi-Fi connection. It is a device that connects to the Fire Stick’s USB port and enables you to attach an Ethernet cable as well as electricity to the Fire Stick.

So, if there is any kind of amazon fire stick troubleshooting features, look for great connectivity without any network issues.


  • Choose a Network
  • Click on Settings
  • Click on Network
  • Check the Connection

Consider adjusting your wireless router or your Fire Stick to strengthen the connection if the signal strength isn’t strong enough.

5. Check If VPN Configuration Works On The Computer
Firestick Not Connecting To Wifi

A VPN can prevent a Fire Stick from connecting to the internet if it is installed and configured incorrectly or isn’t working properly. To resolve this kind of issue, either modify the setup or deactivate the VPN.

Your Fire Stick might be unable to connect to the internet if you have a VPN installed on it. By momentarily uninstalling the VPN and testing your ability to connect to the internet, you can immediately rule this out. If that resolves the issue, speak with the VPN app’s creators to learn how to configure it.


  • Check the VPN connectivity of the Firestick
  • Uninstall the VPN
  • Test the ability of the internet
  • Speak to the app creators of VPN (if the problem is deep-routed)
6. Deregister The Account Of The Amazon

If you continuously keep encountering your device saying- firestick says network disconnected but internet working. It is best to find out the loopholes and then create room for better connectivity after you deregister and then register into the amazon account once again.


  • Deregistering your Amazon account
  • Fire Stick is unable to connect to the server
  • Follow the on-screen instructions after going to Settings
  • Click on My Account > Amazon account > Deregister

After that, you will need to log back into your Amazon account and check to see if the Fire Stick functions.

7. Keep Room For Factory Rest Your Firestick Once

Suppose you do not have the power button, you can factory reset your Firestick once. This will make your system run better.

Perform a factory reset if your Fire Stick is still unable to access the internet. You will have to configure the Fire Stick exactly as you did when you initially got it because it will be fully reset.

8. Check The Internet Outrage

The Fire Stick won’t be able to connect to Amazon’s servers if your internet is down or you are having other problems. For deep internal issues, it is best to take the expert’s help and then decide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is my Firestick connected to Wi-Fi but not the internet?

Firestick is connected to Wi-Fi but there are no internet signals. The reason behind this can be the loss of connectivity to the network.

2. How do I reset my Firestick?

Users can reset the Fire Stick device by holding the Play/Pause button.

3. Why does my Firestick say “home is currently unavailable?”

The Wi-Fi signal in the vicinity may be too weak if your connection is very slow or your Firestick frequently loses connection. The “Home is currently unavailable” error message can also occur as a result of flaws and defects. The Firestick software can prevent internet operation.

4. How to connect amazon fire stick to wifi?

The wifi signal can be too weak if your Fire Stick is too far from your wireless router or if there are too many obstacles in its path. This issue could be resolved by moving your router or Fire Stick.

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